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My name is Thomas Sevcik. This is my "Lakeview Photography" SmugMug page. Welcome !

I truly hope you enjoy your visit here and find my work exciting, unique, and stunning!

As you can see, I'm an avid photographer. I love being able to reveal, through the lends of my camera, the hidden beauty that this world holds - that is often overlooked in our busy, everyday lives.

I have had ample amounts of experience with photography throughout my life. I began my photographic career with United States Air Force - where I was assigned to take portrait shots of the Air Force officers and officials. (I also was assigned to the task of taking aerial photography shots of various locations throughout the United States.)

I then went on to become the staff photographer for the Atchison Daily Globe, in Atchison, Kansas. (While working for the Atchison Daily Globe, I also shot private weddings and individual portraits as a type of side-business.)

My daughter and I have entered a number of art fairs (including the Sandy Arts Show and the Holiday Arts Show, just to name a few) and have won awards for our work. I have also been assigned to various photographic assignments, where I have put my photographic skills and my artistic creativity to work. (Most recently, I was assigned to be an official photographer for the "Days of 47" in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2013.)



Capture those exceptionally memorable and wonderful moments with Lakeview Photography today!

We offer everything from portrait photography to wedding photography, from landscape photography to commercial photography.

Contact us today and let us help you capture those most memorable moments - moments that you will be able to have and to share, for a lifetime!

Why choose Lakeview Photography and what types of events might you utilize Lakeview Photography for?...

You want Lakeview Photography as your photographing service because we take the utmost pride and care in what we do.

Our main goal is to provide our clients absolutely remarkable and stunningly beautiful photos that they can share with their family and friends - photos *and* memories, that will last a lifetime!

What we do - we shoot:

* Weddings
* Engagments
* Anniversaries
* Graduations
* Birth of a new baby
* Family portraits
* Portraits
* Modeling
* Holiday portraits
* Advertising and promoting you, your business, and/or your product
* Passport photos

The possibilities are endless!

Contact me today at my email address ( or my cell phone (385-218-9710) for your photo shoot!

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